What to do With Your Costly Fixer-Upper Property in Oklahoma

What to do with your costly fixer-upper property in Oklahoma – Unfortunately for owners of fixer-uppers, the majority of purchasers look online for homes they can move into right away while competing in the Oklahoma real estate market. Therefore, there is a good chance that people will scroll past a listing that doesn’t look good. As a result, sellers are aware they face a formidable challenge when the inspector shows up and frequently have sleepless nights while they await the report.

Additionally, the inspection findings can lead to purchasers pulling out or asking for credit for the repairs, frequently with outrageous estimates, which would further reduce your sales earnings. Last but not least, if you have a property that requires extensive repairs or rehabilitation, the issue will probably only get worse as time goes on and expenditures skyrocket.

There comes a time when you have to end the pain for good. The outcome and the quantity of money you receive after the close depend greatly on the exit plan you employ. So continue reading as we discuss what to do with your costly fixer-upper property in Oklahoma.


Another choice if your Oklahoma fixer-upper property has become too expensive to maintain is FSBO, or for sale by the owner. You will need to sell as-is for cash unless you want to deal with potential contingencies and deal with helping the buyer qualify for a loan, usually taking a hit for the necessary repairs. Since there isn’t much space for profit with this kind of listing and listing as an FSBO doesn’t require paying thousands in real estate commissions, there are more profits to be made by you, this alternative is frequently appealing. Unfortunately, even if it makes sense in theory, selling on your own rarely serves you well. FSBO properties typically sell for 26% less than those listed with an agent, and the proportion of FSBO home sales has gradually decreased and now only accounts for 7% of market sales, so you’ve already suffered a loss. Setting your asking price too high or too low will cause your FSBO listing to linger, which is one of the biggest blunders you can do. Why not speak with a local professional investor, such as a representative from We Buy Houses Tulsa Oklahoma, before entering the market on your own? They can explain how much your home might sell for on the open market compared to the offer we make for it.

What to do With Your Costly Fixer-Upper Property in Oklahoma

Make Repairs

Of course, finishing the repair and presenting the home in a rejuvenated state is the most effective strategy to sell a Oklahoma fixer-upper property, while being time-consuming and expensive. If this isn’t a possibility, you might instead make the fewest changes and fix any damage that is immediately apparent. Despite the fact that television shows have made this task seem simple, you should consult experts to be sure you aren’t doing more harm than good. However, to make sure the restoration is worthwhile of your time, energy, and financial investment, you should properly understand the ARV, or after-repair value, before you start. Reaching out to a direct buyer who values complete openness, such as those at We Buy Houses Tulsa Oklahoma, will help you comprehend all of the figures utilized and how your direct buyer arrived at the offer. Following that, you can decide what suits your circumstances the best.

Traditional Listing

When buyers scan through ads and come across your Oklahoma fixer-upper property, they could only see a money hole. Expect lowball proposals because the buyer will agree to assume all risks of hidden damage or structural problems when they delve further into the project. Regardless of the as-is status of your listing, you’ll need to fill out a disclosure form, so it’s best to be honest about any problems you know about while also emphasizing the property’s advantages. In order to avoid unwanted and expensive legal disputes down the road, it is better to be completely transparent and address the issues head-on. On the other hand, we’ll assume all the risks of the repairs if you choose to sell directly to a local buyer like those at We Buy Houses Tulsa Oklahoma and free yourself of the load. And you won’t have to pay fees or closing charges, unlike with a conventional listing. You’ll also have a closing date that is confirmed, usually in weeks, so you can plan your relocation. Now, unwind; We Buy Houses Tulsa Oklahoma is flexible with the closing date if that’s moving a little too quickly.

We Buy Houses Tulsa Oklahoma

Selling it to We Buy Houses Tulsa Oklahoma in as-is condition for respite from the costs of your Oklahoma fixer-upper property and an offer you’ll agree is reasonable is the simplest approach. We take great pleasure in our work at We Buy Houses Tulsa Oklahoma and do this because we are your neighbors here in Oklahoma; we want you to feel good about working with We Buy Houses Tulsa Oklahoma long after the closing table. Dial (539) 664-8033 to reach We Buy Houses Tulsa Oklahoma.

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