5 Reasons Why It May Be a Mistake to List Your House With a Oklahoma Agent

Mistake to list your house with a Oklahoma agent – If you’re dealing with a real estate agent, you can find yourself leaving the closing table with far less money in your pocket than you expected. Unfortunately, selling a house isn’t as straightforward as putting a sign in the yard and calling it a day. A lot of planning and money goes into putting a house on the Oklahoma; at the very least, you’ll need to give it a fresh coat of paint and update any out-of-style decor. It’s also a good idea to stage your home in neutral tones and remove any personal items. Furthermore, professional digital photography has become the industry standard because today’s marketing requires high-quality imagery to entice customers as they browse listings on the internet.

When your agent calls, it’s time to sit back and wait for showings, pack up your kids, hide all signs of any pets, and find amusement for your family outside the house while you wait for the appropriate, qualified buyer to appear. If the upfront financial investment and the lengthy, drawn-out listing procedure don’t appeal to you, keep reading as we look at five reasons why listing your home with a Oklahoma agent would be a bad idea.

Unrealistic Price

Homeowners frequently place an emotional value on their property, believing it is worth more than the market value. It may be a mistake to list your home with a Oklahoma agent if the agent agrees with your estimate of the home’s value rather than a realistic figure. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Unfortunately, you find out too late with these agents because this agreement frequently changes after the property has been on the market for a long time and the agent begins to suggest price reductions as a solution. The problem with this scenario is twofold, more time on the market means a lower final sales price, and an agent shouldn’t do everything you say and do; remember, you’re paying for their expertise to guide you. Working with a direct buyer from We Buy Houses Tulsa Oklahoma, on the other hand, will allow you to compare what you’d make from listing your home versus our offer, which you’ll agree is reasonable. We do this at We Buy Houses Tulsa Oklahoma because we believe you should have all of the facts before deciding which sales channel is best for you, and We Buy Houses Tulsa Oklahoma never charge commissions or levy hidden fees.

Mistake to List Your House With a Oklahoma Agent


When you tally up the fees of listing your home with a Oklahoma agent, it may be a mistake if you haven’t ensured that it will easily pass the inspection part of the sales process and appraise at fair market value, both of which are required for your buyers to qualify for their financing. Unless your property is brand new or in like-new shape, you may end yourself paying thousands of dollars out of pocket, thereby reducing the gains you expected from the sale. Another reason properties may stay on the market for a long time is if the listing images clearly show that the property is in need of repair. Buyers seek homes in ready-to-move-in condition, so they are likely to be at bargain-basement prices if you get offers from your listing. Lowball offers can be very upsetting for sellers that do not have a realistic picture of the current market value of their property in its present condition. As an alternative, a direct buyer from We Buy Houses Tulsa Oklahoma will buy your home for cash; as-is, we’ll take all of the risks of repairs onto our shoulders so you can move on with your life. 

Quick Sale

It can be a mistake to advertise your home with a Oklahoma agent if you’re hoping for a rapid sale. A listing agent will not be able to offer you with a closing date. As a result, they can’t even promise that your house will sell. Add to these delays the potential that your purchasers will be unable to obtain financing or will pull out of the deal if the inspection reveals severe flaws. With our full-service team of professionals at We Buy Houses Tulsa Oklahoma, we can move quickly from making the offer to the inspection and often sit down at the closing table in just a few weeks. When you sell directly to We Buy Houses Tulsa Oklahoma, we have the flexibility to set the closing date when it’s most convenient for your plans, too.

It may be a mistake to list your home with a Oklahoma agent if you’d rather avoid the headaches of listing and save money on commissions and closing expenses; a direct buyer from We Buy Houses Tulsa Oklahoma may be the perfect option. Why not schedule a no-cost session to learn more about how We Buy Houses Tulsa Oklahoma may assist you? At We Buy Houses Tulsa Oklahoma, our goal is to make it as simple as possible for you to make the most money on the sale of your house. We Buy Houses Tulsa Oklahoma can be reached at (539) 664-8033.

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